Charitable Giving

Thank you to everyone who has helped and contributed to raise awareness and funds for our charities.  Our recent work includes: 

Tenebrae Service

Many thanks to Stephen and Katherine Fellowes and to all their friends in Choral8 for giving us such an uplifting Tenebrae service on Holy Wednesday.  Your many hours of rehearsal were much appreciated. 

Photocopier Appeal 2023

Well done to all who have contributed to the Benefice Photocopier fund!  We are hoping the new copier will arrive within a week or two to continue our valuable work throughout the Benefice.  THANK YOU!

Christmas 2023 

Thank you to everyone who came carol singing or attended the Christingle Services and helped to raise £560 for the Children’s Society.

Songbirds Concert

To Fru Chilvers and her Songbird friends.  In addition to a superb evening of toe tapping music the ladies, accompanied by Paul Chilvers on the piano, raised £913.00 for Church funds.  We look forward to welcoming Fru and The Songbirds back next year!

To The Joseph and Lilian Sully Foundation for the very substantial donation made to the Church recently.  Without the help of such friends, we would struggle with the upkeep of our beautiful church building and the work we do.  We are truly grateful for such generosity.

You can follow the songbirds on Facebook

Food Bank

We are continuing to with our weekly Food Support.  Each week there is a container at the back of the church for anyone who wishes to donate a tin or packet of beans, tins of vegetables and/or fruit, etc are always welcome.  Donations will be taken to Waltham Abbey Church on a regular basis to be distributed locally to those in need.  


Sunday Afternoon Teas

A huge thank you to Susan Brooker, Marie-Garrard Hodgson, Stella Murphy, Judy Blackham, Sue Hooper, Lin Collins, Chris Taylor, Sandra Potter and Martin Begley for making us such luscious cakes every week and to June Higginbottom, Sue and Nikki Luck for serving them.  We are also most grateful to Conor and Mia Latchford for serving tea/coffee and washing up every Sunday and to their father, Mark for faithfully coming to pack all the tables and chairs back in the shed again. Thanks also to Geoff Higginbottom, Kevin Horton and Gregor Davis for helping all our visitors to park each week.  Most of all, thank you to everyone who has visited and supported us all through our Sunday tea season.


Matthew's Bike Ride Campaign 2021

THANK YOU!  A fantastic effort by Matthew and co for your determination to ride 100km for us here at High Beach Church.  You raised a huge amount and well exceeded your original expections, we are truly grateful. 


Sunflower Fellowship Shoe Box Appeal in Romania 2020

WOW!  What a response, with your donations and generosity we were able to send 100 boxes to the Sunflower Fellowship Shoe Box Appeal in Romania.  

Thank you for the lovely boxes, gifts, supplies and donations to ensure we were able to continue to support this great charity.  This is a very difficult time for everyone all over the world but in helping this appeal we have given many children in Romania a gift they would simply not have had without your support.  Last year we received a film from the Sunflower team of when the boxes were opened and it was a wonderful sight to see the children faces light up with their boxes, they are certainly well received.  Thank you 


Harvest Festival 2020

In this strange and difficult time we are so very thankful that our community donated an abundance of food and items for our local 3food4you Food Bank in Waltham Abbey.  We are making regular donations and so if you were unable to make our Harvest Service 3food4you are still in need of toiletries and snacks in addition to non perishable food if you are able to donate.  

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