Tenebrae sung by Choral8

Following on from the sucess of the first Tenebrae service in 2019, you are invited to join us for this second setting in Holy Week on Wednesday, 13 April at 7.45pm

The Tenebrae service (latin for darkness) all but disappeared from the church calendar after 1950s.  However, in recent years there has been a resurgence of interest and here at High Beach we will be holding a shortened version of the second original setting using the music of 16th century composer Tomas Luis de Victoria that he wrote specifically for the occasion. 

The service is very theatrical in its presentation and is characterised by the gradual extinguishing of candles throughout, symbolising the desertion of Jesus's disciples in his hours of need.  It finishes in total darkness with a loud noise or 'strepitus' taking place near the end.  There is just one hidden candle left alight - the 'Christ Candle'. 

Do come and listen to the music, psalms and readings that form the bulk of the service and join with the prayers. 

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