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Thank you

Thank you...

to everyone who helped at our St Patrick's evening espiecially to: 

Laura Stavrou who cut out over a hundred shamrocks to decorate the Village Hall and who made delicious cakes for our third course. 

Adam Scott who produced a very tasty Irish Stew and a lentil Shephers Pie for the veggie people

Ruth and her friends for providing the music for dancing

Eliot and Rowan Scott who helped with the washing up and last and most importantly Sheila Green dressed in a beautiful green tabartd who set the scene for our evening with grace and then told two Irish tales and closed our evening with a blessing.  


The evening raised £340 for church funds




to Matt Pearce, Gay Sanders, Zoe Willsdon and Barbara Hollingum who stated an Explore Easter Day with High Beach Primary School.  Barbara worked so hard to resource and provide the props for six "stations" around the school hall.  In our four separate sessions throughout the day, the children in their class groups did a tour of all the "stations" which comprised: 

  • The Last Supper where the children sat at a table - eating bread and grapes and drinking black current juice 
  • "Servant King" and the significance of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples
  • Plam Sunday which involved waving palms and shouting hosanna as everyone relied the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem
  • The Garden of Gethsemane as the children thought about how Jesus felt when his friends abandoned him and left him alone
  • Golgotha when the children considered the three crosses and what Jesus did for us on Good Friday


For the sixth station, all the children sat in front of a mock-up of the empy tomb and thought about the different emotions Jesus's friends must have had on Easter Day.  They then return to their classrooms clutching a "Real Easter Egg" each which in addition oth the chocolate egg had an activity book telling them all about the first Easter.  Next day, the whole school took part in an Easter Garden service where each child built up an individual garden with tomb, stone, cross, wreath of thorns and a smiley caterpillar and flying butterfly which they took home with them.  The two insects helped the children to understand death and resurrection and everyone enjoyed singing "Caterpillar Caterpillar munching munching". 

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