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Prom in the Forest

1918 Prom in the Forest

The programme for the Prom in the Forest at High Beach Church on Saturday, 15 September 2018 at 7pm is taking shape!

Thus far, no one has volunteered for the trapeze artist slot, so how about a sawing lady in half instead?  We might need a few spares whilst we practice!

Don't forget the offer of early bird tickets for £13 at Ticket Source using this link.

We would like as much audience participation as possible in the Prom, so each month from now to September we will be printing the words for one of the songs in the concert. 

Now that you all know the chorus from the last magazine off by heart, you can start to practice this one!

Let's all go down the Strand
Let's all go down the Strand
I'll be leader you can march behind
Come with me and see what we can find
Let's all go down the Strand
That's the place for fun and noise
All among the girls and boys
So let's all go down the Strand.

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